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Lab for Mouse Anti-Crude Peanut Extract (CPE) > Antibody Assays > Allergens ELISA in Pune, India

Lab for Mouse Anti-Crude Peanut Extract (CPE) > Antibody Assays > Allergens ELISA in Pune, India

Pathofast Lab Pune offers ELISA services for Mouse Anti-Crude Peanut Extract (CPE) > Antibody Assays > Allergens- in Pune, India. Our laboratory performs complex ELISA assays related to Antibody Assays > Allergens.>

If you are a Clinical Research Organization, Basic Sciences Company, Pharmaceutical or Biotechnology Company working in the fields of Antibody Assays/Allergens/Mouse Anti-Crude Peanut Extract (CPE)/, Pathofast Lab can be your lab partner for all your assays.

We have the Know-How to Perform ELISA reliably for research

The most common requirements of any pharmaceutical company, Biotechnology company or Clinical Research Organizations is a reliable lab partner. Lab processes, especially ELISA are intricate and complex and when we are dealing with Mouse Anti-Crude Peanut Extract (CPE) > Antibody Assays > Allergens- , precision down to the microliter is essential for reliable outputs.

Turn-Key lab partner

We offer a fire and forget lab service for Clinical Research/Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Companies. Simply email us, specify the exact ELISA related to Antibody Assays/Allergens/Mouse Anti-Crude Peanut Extract (CPE)/ and Pathofast will suggest kit providers, handle the entire ELISA procedure and provide you with a point person for full coordination.

Technical Know-How for ELISA Assays

At Pathofast Lab in Pune, we have the necessary expertise in performing ELISA assays. We are a clinical and research lab and know that you as a CRO/pharma company should not have to worry about the technicalities of ELISA. You can rest easy that Pathofast Lab with its technicians and equipment will take care of the delicate and precise procedure of ELISA.

Confidential and Reliable

Every partnership will be covered by an NDA of your liking. We offer full confidentiality and guarentee of reliability for the most sensitive of your intellectual property needs.

What is Mouse Anti-Crude Peanut Extract (CPE) > Antibody Assays > Allergens- ELISA?

Antibody Assays Allergens Mouse Anti-Crude Peanut Extract (CPE) is a specialized ELISA test designed to detect the presence of antibodies specific to peanut allergens in samples obtained from mice. This assay is crucial in studying allergic reactions to peanuts and assessing the effectiveness of potential treatments or interventions. Pathofast Lab Pune offers this service as a reliable lab partner for Clinical Research Organizations, Biotechnology companies, and Pharmaceutical Companies seeking to outsource their ELISA needs for peanut allergen testing. The assay utilizes mouse antibodies to detect the presence of allergenic proteins in crude peanut extracts, providing valuable insights into immune responses and potential allergen cross-reactivity. Pathofast Lab Pune's expertise in conducting ELISA assays ensures accurate and reproducible results for clients in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. By outsourcing their CPE-specific antibody assays to Pathofast Lab Pune, organizations can streamline their research processes and access timely and precise data on peanut allergen interactions. This specialized ELISA test plays a critical role in advancing research on food allergies and developing targeted therapies for individuals with peanut sensitivities. Partnering with Pathofast Lab Pune for CPE antibody assays allows companies to leverage cutting-edge technology and scientific expertise in exploring and understanding immune responses to peanut allergens.

3 reasons to choose Pathofast as your research lab partner

Pathofast offers confidential, safe and reliable processing for lab related research work.

Experties in Antibody Assays/Allergens ELISA assyas

Our expertise in clinical ELISA extends to your requirements of Mouse Anti-Crude Peanut Extract (CPE)/. With a team of qualified technicians who regularly perform complex ELISAS on patient samples, ELISA is a part of our fundamental framework.

24/7 infrastructure backup

Pathofast Lab has 24/7 infrastructure backup with full generator, 24/7 refrigeration, incubators, warmers and all required equipment to perform end to end ELISA procedures related to Antibody Assays/Allergens/Mouse Anti-Crude Peanut Extract (CPE)/. The same infrastructure that powers all our lab operations will be at your disposal.

Qualified Medical Expertise

Dr.Bhargav Raut(MBBS, DCP - Path) is lab director and will be your point of contact for initial project finalization. His expertise in clinical research, with several publications, means you have a capable guide to ensure your ELISA is executed flawlessly.

Testimonials About Our Services

Here is what a few of our former research partners have to say about the quality of our services

Dr.Rajeev Raut - Chairman (Life Sciences Reearch Trust)

Pathofast Lab has helped us with several of our complex cell science experiments. They do very preceise ELISA and even cell studies. I would recommend them to any clinical organization interested in Research.


Pathofast worked with us on a new drug development project, with several cell lines, ELISA and other complex assays. While we cannot reveal what the product was, I would receommend them to any Pharmaceutical company interested in research.

How to create an ELISA tie-up with Pathofast Lab for Mouse Anti-Crude Peanut Extract (CPE)/?

If you plan to go ahead with Pathofast Lab, the first step is create an Enquiry. Click on the Enquire Now button below. Follow the instructions to complete your request.

Step 1 : Click on Enquire Now

Click on the Enquire Now Button - You will be taken to a new page, where we require some basic details.

Step 2 : Fill up the form

Please provide the name of your company, the contact person and the approximate duration of the project.

Step 3 : Submit

After you hit submit, our ELISA team head will reach out to you within 1 working day.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hiring Lab Partner for your ELISA needs

If you plan to work with Pathofast for your ELISA workloads, consider the following
Frequently Asked Questions About Hiring Lab Partner for your ELISA needs
  • filter_dramaWhat are the charges of your services?
    We charge a flat rate of Rs.1500/- per ELISA batch of 8 samples, per day. If your assay has an incubation phase, followed by the actual ELISA process, per day charges are Rs.1500/-
  • filter_dramaWhat about the cost of the kits?
    Pathofast Lab will recommend or suggest suppliers of ELISA kits to your team. Kit procurement has to be done at your end. We are not involved in billing/purchase of kits. You are required to provide us with the kit and samples.
  • filter_dramaWhat about sample transport?
    Every project has its own unique needs. You are requested to arrange for the transport of your specimens, as per the requirements of your research. Once the samples reach the lab, they are our responsibility
  • filter_dramaDoes the payment have to be done in advance?
    Yes full payment is required in advance, equalling to Rs.1500*number of days.