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Pathofast Lab Pune is a pathology lab and diagnostic center that provides home sample collection for blood test in Pune, together with online lab test booking. 600+ tests include Semen test, HIV Test, STD Tests, Vitamin D3 Test, Vitamin B12 Test, Dengue Test, LFT Test,CBC, Urine and Stool Tests. Enter your name and mobile number to book tests online.

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Pathology Lab in Pune

Pathofast Lab Pune, was judged as the best lab in Pune by Our laboratory uses the latest equipment, and trained staff to ensure a smooth blood test experience, either at home or in our center.

Find A Blood Test in Pune

We perform various blood tests like HIV Test, Semen Analysis Test, Vitamin D Test, Vitamin B12 Test, Fertilty Tests, Allergy Tests and Pregnancy Tests

Free home sample collection, with online booking is available at our lab.

Lab Test Services

We offer Diagnostic Center Services, Pathology Lab Services and STD Test Services in Pune City.

A key part of our services involves providing home blood test and sample collection services. Our test menu of over 600 tests and 100 test packages offers the widest range of lab testing facilities in Pune.

Home Visit For Blood Test in Pune

Free Home Blood Sample Collection

If you are looking for a blood test at home in Pune, consider booking a home blood test through the best laboratory in Pune. With online blood test at home options, you can have your blood sample collected from the comfort of your own home. Take advantage of free home sample collection services.Pathofast offers home blood test near you in many parts of Pune City.
Blood Test At Home - Home Sample Collection Pune

Online Appointment for Home Blood Test

To book an appointment for a home visit, you can call us, or book online. We request you to inform us a day before the requested visit date.

Blood Tests for which it is advisable to book well in advance are:

Appointment for Pregnancy Test

Appointment for Semen/Sperm Count Test

Timings and Locations for Home Sample Collection

Home Visit for Blood Sample Collection is offered from Monday to Saturday, 6 am to 6 pm. The lab is open on all major public holidays, except a few. Please visit our timings page to see the list of holidays.

Pathofast Lab offers free home sample collection facilities in Jangli Maharaj Nagar,Ravet,Viman Nagar,Shastrinagar, Yerawada,NIBM Undri Road, Kondhwa,Camp,Aundh,Baner,Dattwadi,Undri,Pimpri-Chinchwad,Kalyani Nagar,Koregaon Park,Sadashiv Peth

Preparing for a Home Blood Test

Watch our Animated Video on Preparing for a blood test at home, for information on whether to take your medicines,

Home Sample Collection For - HIV, Semen, Dengue and 50+ other tests

We offer home sample collection services for blood tests like HIV, Semen Analysis and Critical care tests like Dengue, Cardiac Markers and Electrolytes.

  • HIV Test - Rs.600.0
    An HIV test is a blood test that checks if someone has been infected with the virus that causes AIDS.
  • Semen Test - Rs.1800.0
    A semen test is a medical test that evaluates the quantity and quality of sperm in a mans semen sample.
  • Dengue Test - Rs.420.0
    Dengue Fever Test is done to check if you are infected with the Dengue Virus. A positive report for the NS1 antigen means that you have been recently infected with dengue. This test also checks for the presence of dengue antibodies - IgG and IgM. Presence of these antibodies would indicate that you are recovering from Dengue Infection.

6 Reasons to Choose Pathofast Lab for a blood test in Pune

Home Sample Collection

Pathofast Lab offers free home sample collection facilities at all parts of Pune City. The lab has a team of phlebotomists who are trained to carry out safe and effective sample collection from the convenience of your home.

Best Lab in Pune

Pathofast Lab has been judged as the best diagnostic center in Pune, by Our lab adheres to the best standards of quality and care in blood tests.

Online Lab Test Booking

Pathofast Lab offers online lab test booking with a simple pay and checkout facility. You receive all your reports online, with gaurenteed cloud storage for 5 years.

Blood Test for Babies and Children in Pune

Pathofast Lab offers quick turn around time and painless blood sample collection for babies and small children. Urgent CBC/hemogram and stool or urine tests are often required in small children and kids, and we pride ourselves in delivering most routine reports within 1 hour. If your child needs a quick lab test in Pune, make sure you visit Pathofast.

Lab Test Packages in Pune

Pathofast Lab offers a wide variety of blood test packages, ranging from diabetes to PCOD packages and Annual Body Checkup Packages.

Accurate and Reliable Path Lab

Our lab test results are accurate, timely and reliable. We are trusted by over 100 clinicians and doctors in Pune, for critical reports ranging from urgent Platelet Counts, to cardiac care tests.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • filter_dramaWhere is the lab located?
    Pathofast Lab Pune, is located in Camp. This is a centrally located area, within 15-20 minutes of the airport, railway station and major suburbs of Pune. The detailed address can be found at our Location Page
  • placeWhat are the timings of the lab?
    The lab timings are from Monday-Saturday 8am to 6pm. The lab is open on most major holidays. Our detailed timings may be found at our Timings Page
  • whatshotAre insurance claims accepted for the blood tests at your lab?
    Our labs receipts are usually accepted by major insurance providers. We support our patients with any additional paperwork or documentation that may be needed for insurance claims. Preoperative lab checkup claims usually pass without incident.
  • whatshotWhat are the charges for home visit for sample collection
    Home visits are performed free of charge to most locations of Pune City. In case of fasting and PP sugar, where 2 visits are required, the second visit is charged at Rs.100. Also visit charges are levied for pure transport of samples like (semen, urine or stool, where blood collection is not required)
  • whatshotCan I book tests online
    Yes, we offer an online booking platform, where you can directly book your tests without having to call the lab. Please refer to our Book Lab Test Online Page for further information.

Patient Feedback About Blood Test in Pune

  • S.Hira

    I was very impressed with my first time experience at Pathofast..The lab is equipped with the state of the art equipment..Special mention for the technician who attended to me..very gentle and polite...reports were also sent promptly...Definitely one of the best

    star star star star star
  • S.Shete

    Honestly it was such a clean and neet place, no waste of time and direct on point and so soft-spoken attentives ,and it was so painless and smooth ,unlike others who just do it for the sake of job .i would highly highly recommend it

    star star star star star
  • J. Oberoi

    The Lab service is fantastic. I really appreciate the home visit appointment communication from the lab, the punctuality of the Technician to collect the samples, Getting reports On Time. Wonderful services. Impressed by Ajay's complete communication and connectivity with the patient. Hygieness is Awesome. Soft spoken. All the best.

    star star star star star

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Blogs - Our Newest Content Written By Doctors

We blog about health related articles and help you understand your blood tests

<p>When it comes to understanding your health, few indicators are as crucial as your <b><a href="/pune/tests/cost-range-about/creatinine">creatinine</a> levels</b>. Elevated <a href="/pune/tests/cost-range-about/creatinine">creatinine</a>, particularly a level of <b>4.8</b>, can be a significant marker of underlying health issues that warrant immediate attention. This blog delves into the potential <b>dangers</b> associated with high <a href="/pune/tests/cost-range-about/creatinine">creatinine</a> levels, exploring the various <b>causes</b> and <b>symptoms</b> that might be affecting your body. By understanding these factors, you can take proactive steps to manage your health effectively and seek the appropriate <b>treatment</b> to mitigate any risks.</p>

<p>Understanding the implications of elevated <a href="/pune/tests/cost-range-about/creatinine">creatinine</a> levels is crucial for maintaining kidney health. An increase in <a href="/pune/tests/cost-range-about/creatinine">creatinine</a> can be a significant indicator of underlying health issues. When <a href="/pune/tests/cost-range-about/creatinine">creatinine</a> levels reach <b>3.7</b>, it often signals that the kidneys are not functioning optimally. This can be a cause for concern, as the kidneys play a vital role in filtering waste from the blood. Various factors can lead to elevated <a href="/pune/tests/cost-range-about/creatinine">creatinine</a> levels, including <b>chronic kidney disease</b>, <b>dehydration</b>, and certain medications. Recognizing the <b>symptoms</b> and identifying the <b>causes</b> early on can be pivotal in managing and treating the condition effectively.</p>

<p>Understanding the significance of <b><a href="/pune/tests/cost-range-about/creatinine">creatinine</a> levels</b> in your body is crucial for maintaining optimal health. Creatinine, a waste product generated from muscle metabolism, is filtered out by the kidneys. When these levels rise, it may indicate underlying health issues. A <a href="/pune/tests/cost-range-about/creatinine">creatinine</a> level of <b>1.7</b> can be a red flag, signaling potential kidney dysfunction or other medical conditions. This blog will delve into the <b>dangers</b> associated with elevated <a href="/pune/tests/cost-range-about/creatinine">creatinine</a> levels, explore their <b>causes</b> and <b>symptoms</b>, and discuss the available <b>treatment options</b> to help you manage and mitigate health risks effectively.</p>

<p>Understanding the significance of a <b><a href="/pune/tests/cost-range-about/creatinine">creatinine</a> level of 4.0</b> is crucial for maintaining kidney health. Elevated <a href="/pune/tests/cost-range-about/creatinine">creatinine</a> levels can be a clear indicator of underlying health issues, particularly affecting the kidneys. This blog delves into the <b>potential dangers</b> associated with high <a href="/pune/tests/cost-range-about/creatinine">creatinine</a> levels, exploring the various <b>causes</b> that lead to this condition and highlighting the key <b>symptoms</b> to watch for. By gaining a comprehensive insight into these aspects, individuals can better navigate their health journey and seek appropriate <b>treatment</b> to manage their <a href="/pune/tests/cost-range-about/creatinine">creatinine</a> levels effectively.</p>

<p>Creatinine is a waste product that is produced by muscle metabolism and is typically filtered out of the blood by the kidneys. When you receive a lab result showing a <a href="/pune/tests/cost-range-about/creatinine">creatinine</a> level of 2.8, it can be a cause for concern. Elevated <a href="/pune/tests/cost-range-about/creatinine">creatinine</a> levels often indicate that the kidneys are not functioning properly. In this blog, we will explore the potential <b>dangers</b> associated with high <a href="/pune/tests/cost-range-about/creatinine">creatinine</a> levels, delve into the <b>causes</b> of this condition, and discuss the common <b>symptoms</b> you should look out for. Understanding these aspects is crucial for taking timely action and seeking appropriate treatment to safeguard your kidney health.</p>

<p>Creatinine, a waste product found in the blood, is a crucial indicator of kidney function. When the level of <a href="/pune/tests/cost-range-about/creatinine">creatinine</a> in the blood rises to <b>6.5 mg/dL</b>, it can signal serious health issues. Elevated <a href="/pune/tests/cost-range-about/creatinine">creatinine</a> levels are often linked to <b>kidney disease</b> or <b>kidney failure</b>, making it essential to understand the underlying causes and symptoms. Common causes include chronic conditions like <b>diabetes</b> and <b>high blood pressure</b>, as well as acute issues such as <b>dehydration</b> and <b>urinary tract obstructions</b>. Symptoms to watch for may include <b>fatigue</b>, <b>swelling</b>, and <b>changes in urination</b>. Early detection and treatment are paramount in managing <a href="/pune/tests/cost-range-about/creatinine">creatinine</a> levels and maintaining kidney health.</p>

<p>When it comes to understanding our health, blood tests play a crucial role in revealing vital information about our body's functioning. One such key indicator is <b><a href="/pune/tests/cost-range-about/creatinine">creatinine</a></b>, a waste product produced by muscles and filtered out by the kidneys. Elevated levels of <a href="/pune/tests/cost-range-about/creatinine">creatinine</a>, such as a reading of <b>2.9</b>, can be alarming and may signal underlying health issues. In this blog, we will delve into the potential <b>dangers</b> associated with high <a href="/pune/tests/cost-range-about/creatinine">creatinine</a> levels, explore the <b>causes</b> behind such an increase, and discuss the <b>symptoms</b> you should be aware of. Understanding these aspects can help you take proactive steps towards better kidney health and overall well-being.</p>

<p>When it comes to understanding kidney health, one crucial marker that often comes up is <b><a href="/pune/tests/cost-range-about/creatinine">creatinine</a></b>. Elevated levels of <a href="/pune/tests/cost-range-about/creatinine">creatinine</a> in the blood, such as a reading of <b>2.5</b>, can be a cause for concern and may indicate potential kidney dysfunction. This blog will delve into the <b>dangers</b> associated with high <a href="/pune/tests/cost-range-about/creatinine">creatinine</a> levels, exploring the underlying <b>causes</b> and the <b>symptoms</b> that may arise. By gaining a comprehensive understanding of these aspects, we can better appreciate the importance of monitoring <a href="/pune/tests/cost-range-about/creatinine">creatinine</a> levels and seeking appropriate treatment when necessary.</p>

<p>Understanding the significance of <b><a href="/pune/tests/cost-range-about/creatinine">creatinine</a> levels</b> in your body is crucial for maintaining optimal health. Elevated <a href="/pune/tests/cost-range-about/creatinine">creatinine</a> can be a red flag, indicating potential issues with your <b>kidneys' functionality</b>. In this blog, we'll delve into what a <a href="/pune/tests/cost-range-about/creatinine">creatinine</a> level of 1.2 means, explore the various <b>causes</b> and <b>symptoms</b> associated with abnormal <a href="/pune/tests/cost-range-about/creatinine">creatinine</a> levels, and discuss potential <b>treatment options</b>. Whether you're looking to understand the implications of your latest blood test or seeking ways to keep your kidneys healthy, this comprehensive guide has got you covered.</p>

<p>When it comes to understanding our health, it's crucial to pay attention to the numbers that appear in our medical reports. One such number is the <a href="/pune/tests/cost-range-about/creatinine">creatinine</a> level, an indicator of kidney function. If your <a href="/pune/tests/cost-range-about/creatinine">creatinine</a> level is at <b>2.7</b>, it's essential to understand what this might mean for your overall health. Elevated <a href="/pune/tests/cost-range-about/creatinine">creatinine</a> levels can signal potential kidney issues, which could be <b>dangerous</b> if left unaddressed. In this blog, we will delve into the <b>causes</b> behind high <a href="/pune/tests/cost-range-about/creatinine">creatinine</a> levels, the <b>symptoms</b> you should watch out for, and the <b>treatments</b> available to manage this condition effectively.</p>

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Lab Test Charges in Pune - Price List

Test Name Price
Anemia Profile- Maxi including Hemolytic workup (CBC, Reticulocyte count, Iron,TIBC, B12, Folic Acid, Transferrin Saturation, Ferritin, Abnormal Hb studies, G6PD Quantitative, Haptoglobin, Osmotic fragility, Coomb's-direct) cost Pune 6750.0
Thyroid Profile | T4,T4,TSH cost Pune 420.0
Serum Albumin Test cost Pune 130
Alkaline Phosphatase Test cost Pune 180
Blood Urea Nitrogen Test cost Pune 110
Bilirubin - Total, Direct, Indirect cost Pune 180.0
Serum Calcium Level cost Pune 220.0
Serum Chloride Level cost Pune 230.0
HDL Cholesterol Test cost Pune 290
LDL Cholesterol Test cost Pune 420
VLDL Cholesterol cost Pune 210
Creatinine Test cost Pune 230
Gamma Glutamyl Transferase (GGT) cost Pune 280.0
Random Blood Sugar Test cost Pune 110.0
HIV Test cost Pune 600.0
Hepatitis B Antigen Test cost Pune 600.0
Serum Homocysteine cost Pune 1300.0
Iron studies Test | Fe TIBC cost Pune 470.0
LDH Test cost Pune 600.0
Serum Lipase cost Pune 650.0
cost Pune 650.0
Total PSA Level cost Pune 950.0
Phosphorous Test cost Pune 210
Potassium Test cost Pune 550
AST/SGOT Liver Test cost Pune 130
ALT - Alanine transaminase (SGPT - Serum Glutamic Pyruvic Transaminase) cost Pune 200.0
Sodium Test cost Pune 600
Routine Examination, Stool cost Pune 150.0
Total-T3 Test cost Pune 260
T4-Total or Thyroxine Test cost Pune 260
Lipid Fraction - Triglycerides cost Pune 290
Serum Urea Test cost Pune 210
Serum Uric Acid Test cost Pune 310.0
ACR Test cost Pune 550.0
Urine Routine Test cost Pune 300.0
Vitamin B12 Test cost Pune 800.0
Vitamin D Test cost Pune 1900.0
Kidney Profile cost Pune 550.0
Liver Function Tests cost Pune 1040.0
PT INR APTT Test cost Pune 950.0
Semen Test cost Pune 1800.0
Stool Routine Test cost Pune 594.4000000000001
Conjunctival Cytology cost Pune 310
CBC-Complete Blood Count cost Pune 300.0
ESR Test cost Pune 210.0
Beta HCG Test cost Pune 900.0
Double Marker Test cost Pune 2900.0
Triple Marker Test cost Pune 2900.0
FSH, LH, Prolactin Test cost Pune 1300.0
Thyroid Antibodies Profile cost Pune 1900
Combined Allergy Test cost Pune 12900.0
Common Veg Food - Allergen Test cost Pune 8900.0
Non-Veg Food Allergen Test cost Pune 7400.0
Asthma Allergen Test cost Pune 9400.0
Serum Folate cost Pune 1100.0
AMH cost Pune 1900.0
Sugar Fasting PP cost Pune 210.0
HBA1C Test cost Pune 800.0
Prostate Profile cost Pune 1600
Cancer Marker CA -19 9 cost Pune 1200.0
Cancer Marker - CA 15-3 cost Pune 1200.0
Carcino Embryonic Antigen-CEA cost Pune 850.0
Lipid Profile cost Pune 850.0
VDRL Test | RPR cost Pune 600.0
Total Antibodies to HCV Test cost Pune 1300.0
IgG - Herpes Simp 2 Antibodies cost Pune 700
HIV-p24 Antigen Test cost Pune 1100
Anti-Hbs Antibodies cost Pune 1100
Total Anti-HBc Antibodies Test cost Pune 1100
Anti HBe-Antibodies Test cost Pune 1100
TPHA - Syphilis Haemagglutination Test cost Pune 650.0
Dengue Test cost Pune 420.0
Malaria Test cost Pune 160.0
Widal Test cost Pune 370.0
High Sensitivity CRP cost Pune 550.0
RA-Factor Test cost Pune 550
Anti-CCP Test cost Pune 1500.0
Troponin-I Test cost Pune 1700.0
NT-Pro BNP Test cost Pune 3100.0
ANA Test cost Pune 800
ANA Blot 17 antigens cost Pune 4700.0
Complement Levels - C3, C4 cost Pune 1100
FSH cost Pune 550.0
LH Test | Leutinising Hormone cost Pune 550.0
Prolactin Test cost Pune 550
Testosterone Test cost Pune 700.0