Prices of PCOS Test Packages in Pune

Pathofast Lab offers PCOS/PCOD profiles and blood tests to address different aspects of PCOD.

Our prices range from Rs.1499 to Rs.6000 depending on the package that you choose

Polycystic Ovarian disease profiles measure various hormones, and other parameters, all of which are considered to be special tests, which adds to the overall costs of these packages

Prices of PCOS Test Packages in Pune

Table of PCOS/PCOD Test Packages Rates and Prices - Latest May 2024

PCOD Package Price
Low Cost PCOD Package Rs 1499
PCOD Weight Gain Profile Rs. 2250/-
Comprehensive PCOD Profile Rs 3499
PCOS Screening Profile Rs 3950
Female Fertility Profile Rs 6000
PCOD Androgens Profile Rs 6000


PCOD(Polycystic Ovarian Disease) is a disease in women, with abnormal periods, facial hair growth, infertility, weight gain, and infertility

Also known as PCOS, it is commonly caused by excessive levels of male hormones, as well as poor handling of sugar by the body(a condition similar but not the same as diabetes)

Women with PCOS, are often overweight, with multiple small cysts in their ovaries

List of common signs and symptoms of PCOS

  • Irregular periods, hair growth

    If you're facing issues like irregular periods, excess hair growth, or sudden weight gain, this test can help find out if PCOS is a cause.

  • Infertility

    If you are unable to conceive, you should consider getting tested for PCOS as it leads to unfertility.

  • Family History

    A strong family history of PCOS warrants further investigation.

  • Sudden Weight Gain

    Any sudden unexplained gain of weight, may be a cause to get tested.

Tests for Irregular Periods in PCOD

Menstrual irregularities are one of the most common things seen in PCOS

Women may have abnormally long cycles, cycles with heavy bleeding, anovulatory cycles (cycles without eggs), and even missed periods altogether

All these are due to a disturbance in the levels of LH and FSH, hormones involved in cycle management and regulation.

If irregular cycles is your primary complaint, then consider the list of tests and packages that may help diagnose the problem

Tests for Irregular Periods in PCOD

List of lab tests for menstrual irregularities in PCOS

  • FSH(Follicle Stimulating Hormone)

    Necessary for growth of eggs in ovaries, and maturation. Levsl of FSH are important for proper regulation of periods

  • LH(Leutinizing Hormone)

    The level of leutizing hormone is important as it is involved in release of the egg from the ovaries during every cycle.

  • Prolactin

    Prolactin levels may be increased in patients who have a small growth in the brain. Increased prolactin levels are often seen in menstrual irregularities.

  • LH/FSH Ratio

    THe ratio of LH to FSH is usually equal. In cases you have menstrual irregularities with PCOD, the ratio may be disturbed and much higher than normal.

Tests for Facial Hair in PCOD

Facial Hair growth is another common symptom of PCOS(Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)

You may develop thick hair growth on your upper lip, or on your back, legs or upper arms

All these are due to a disturbance in the levels of various male hormones.

If hirsutism is your main complaint then the following packages of blood tests will help detect increased male hormone levels.

Tests for Facial Hair in PCOD

Tests for Weight Gain in PCOS

Weight gain is another common symptom of PCOS(Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)

You may find that you are suddenly gaining weight with no apparent cause

The increased levels of male hormones and disturbance in your fertility markers is usually the cause of this symptom

If weight gain around the upper arms, hips and back is your primary concern, then these packages of lab tests will help you determine the cause.

Tests for Weight Gain in PCOS

How to prepare for various PCOD Tests in Pune?

Most PCOD profile tests will require you to be fasting since hormone levels in PCOD are often affected by food intake.

Avoid strenous exercise before the test as this can cause an elevation in androgen levels.

Many fertility markers are affected by oral contraceptives, as well as medications that may affect the liver

Finding a lab near you for PCOS Profile Tests in Pune?

Pathofast Lab in Pune,Camp is centrally located and offers home sample collection services for PCOS Profile Tests in Pune. Home pickup is available in various areas

How to find the nearest center for PCOS/PCOD Testing in Pune?

Visit our center listed above or check the Center Locator

Table of locations in Pune for PCOS/PCOD Androgens Profile with prices

The following table lists areas in Pune, where home sample collection is available for PCOS Profile Tests. Prices charged for home visit are also listed, together with final rate for PCOS Profile Tests in that area.
Area/Locality in Pune Home Sample Facility Transport Charges
Jangli Maharaj Nagar Available 100 INR
Ravet Available 200 INR
Viman Nagar Available 150 INR
Shastrinagar, Yerawada Available 100 INR
NIBM Undri Road, Kondhwa Available 100 INR
Camp Available 0 INR
Aundh Available 200 INR
Baner Available 200 INR
Dattwadi Available 200 INR
Undri Available 200 INR
Pimpri-Chinchwad Available 200 INR
Kalyani Nagar Available 50 INR
Koregaon Park Available 50 INR
Sadashiv Peth Available 100 INR

How to Book PCOD Test Packages in Pune?

Book the PCOS Test Profiles in Pune, online, through watsapp or by calling the lab reception, with Pathofast Lab. Pathofast is the best lab in Pune, for PCOD Blood Tests.

List of Steps for Booking PCOD Profile blood tests online in Pune

Choose Any Package Above

Click on Add To Cart

Enter your mobile number

Create An Account

Fill in the Patient details

Choose time and date for sample collection

Pay to Confirm

List of Steps for Booking PCOD Profile tests through Watsapp in Pune

Choose any package from the list above, and go to Book By Watsapp - to open a chatbot window

Click on 'Continue Booking'

Share your location by clicking on the watsapp location pin

A lab representative calls you within 24 hours

List of Steps for Booking PCOD Test Packages on Phone

<a href='tel:02049304930'>Click Here</a> to call the lab.

Provide your information to the lab reception

Check your SMS for the confirmation link

Use the link to pay online

Frequently Asked Questions About PCOS Profile Tests

List of most commonly asked questions about PCOS/PCOD and its tests

  • Can blood tests confirm PCOD?

    PCOD can only be confirmed if at least 2 of the following three are present

  • If blood test results are normal, does it mean I do not have PCOD?

    PCOD is a diagnosis of exclusion. That means, that if you have the symptoms of PCOS/PCOD and all other causes are ruled out, then you have PCOD. Thus even if the blood tests dont show confirmed signs of PCOD, you may still have PCOS.

  • How many days do the test results for these panels usually take?

    Most profiles of PCOD take around 1-2 days for the reports

  • Do these packages include radiology scans?

    No our packages only include blood tests , urine tests and stool tests.

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