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Book Online or contact us by watsapp or phone. You can also visit our center. Free Home Visit for blood sample collection is also available in all locations of Pune.

(last modified April 14th 2023 )

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With our online lab testing services, you can book your lab tests online and receive your reports via email. We offer a simple and convenient online booking process, and our staff will guide you through the entire process, from sample collection to report delivery. To start your booking please click the button below

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Steps to Book Lab Test Online | Online Lab Test Pune Booking Guide

  • 1)Book Test Online - Mobile Number

    Pathofast Lab is a leading diagnostic center in Pune, offering a wide range of lab tests for various health conditions. To book your test online, enter your registered mobile number. Your account is created against your mobile number and you can always login using an OTP to view your lab reports online. You can also book lab tests again at any time using the same login method.

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  • 2)Choose Lab Test to Book Online

    We offer a panel of over 600 lab tests and packages. This includes various tests like CBC Test, Liver Profile Test, Urine Tests, Blood Group Tests and others. Choose the tests from the dropdown. Online booking is available for all 600+ lab tests.

    Quick Booking Shortcuts
    1. Book CBC Test Online in Pune
    2. Book Urine Test Online in Pune
    3. Book ESR Test Online in Pune
    4. Book Thyroid Profile Test Online in Pune
    5. Book Uric Acid Test Online in Pune

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  • 3)Enter Patient Details

    Once you have selected the lab tests in the online booking process, enter your details like name, date of birth, gender and address. This allows the lab to find your location in case you want a home sample collection. After you enter your personal details, make sure you enter the time slot and place where you want the sample to be collected. Home sample collection in Pune is available in all areas indicated below. Please ensure you provide a time when you will definitely be available at home.

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Home Blood Test - Pune

Blood Sample Collection at home or free home visit, is available in most areas of Pune city. To specifically book a home sample collection or free home visit, you must make sure to choose the "Visit to Patient Home" option while making your online booking.. Alternatively, if you are calling the lab, please make sure to indicate to the reception that you are looking for a free home visit. They will coordinate with the lab technician to visit your house. In order to learn more about how to prepare yourself for different home sample collection modalities, please visit our dedicated page at the following link Home Sample Collection Guidelines

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Home Blood Test | Home Blood Test in Pune : Things to Remember

  • 1) Provide your home address and a landmark

    Pathofast offers free home blood test visit in many parts of Pune City. We send a trained and qualified phlebotomist to your home at a time of your choosing. The most important thing to ensure that you have a seamless home sample collection experience is to provide the right home address. If you are doing an online blood test booking, make sure to provide the nearest landmark while doing your booking. Do not provide a generalized area, as the phlebotomist will have to call you in order to find your home for the sample collection

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  • 2) Follow the pre-test instructions.

    Several tests require the patient to be fasting for 10-12 hours before the blood sample is drawn. In case of such tests, the results can be affected if fasting instructions are not followed.
    You can find a detailed list of such tests at the bottom of the page.

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  • 3)Check your Email/SMS for the online link

    Once your entry is registered in the system, make sure to check your email and mobile number for the link to your online account and lab reports. You can click on the link to view the payment receipt, make an online payment or even download your reports. The link is valid for 10 days after your entry is made into the online booking system.

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About Pathofast Lab | Best Lab in Pune | Lab with Online Booking in Pune

  • Lab in Pune, Camp

    Pathofast is a diagnostic laboratory located in Pune, Camp. It was established in 2018 by Dr.Bhargav Raut (MBBS, DCP). The lab has all the latest quality equipment and performs 100's of different fully automated tests on premise. We have an online booking facility as well as offerring free home blood test and free home sample collection to all parts of Pune City

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  • Cloud Based Reporting and Online Booking System

    Pathofast offers fully online booking system for lab tests. You can go through the steps listed above, to know how to book the test. THe reports are available online on the same day, and can be downloaded using our link which you will get via Email or SMS.

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  • Online Payment for Lab Tests

    Once your tests are booked online, you can use the online payment link to make the paymet using Debit Cards, Credit Cards or your favorite UPI app like Gpay. Online payments offer an easy and cashless way to book your tests online and get instant confirmation.

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