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Organization Membership/Registration

By and Between

By accepting these Terms and Conditions, you will become a part of the user network of the Pathofast LIS. All your interactions with other network users, Pathofast and affiliates will be governed by these terms and conditions. As such, this agreement is by and between you and the rest of the network of users of this Software.

Cloud Storage Security

Pathofast LIS Is not responsible for data loss, theft, compromise of patient data. In the event of compromise of data, we will try our best to inform affected parties as soon as possible.

Data Sharing with Affiliates

Pathofast LIS may share non-identifiable user data with affiliates for business purposes.


Terms and Conditions will be in force untill you choose 'Remove Me from Pathofast Network', in your cloud application interface. You will not be able to choose this option if you owe any pending dues.


You indemnify Pathofast LIS of any liability arising out of your use of the software.


Billing cycle is fixed for 10th of every month. Billing is charged as per your organization type, and the different billable actions and pricing are specified in the software at relevant places.


Prices are subject to change, and will be reflected in your billing statement.


Amendments may be made at any time.


Any dispute will attempt to be resolved by mutual understanding, failing which all litigation will be at Shivajinagar High Court in Pune, language of arbitration : English.


Pathofast LIS allows you to create organizations, that can interact with patients and other organizations. Any interaction between you and other organizations/patients is governed by this agreement. You agree to provide full and truthfull information about your organization for the purpose of registration.