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Beta HCG Test in Pune: Price, Symptoms, Normal Range

Beta HCG Test in Pune

Price, Symptoms, Normal Range

The Beta HCG test checks for the presence of a hormone in the blood that indicates pregnancy or certain types of cancer. It costs Rs.900.0 . The normal range for adult males is 0.0-2.5,the normal range for adult females is 0.0-5.0

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5 Key Points

  • What is the normal range of Beta-HCG in pregnancy?

  • The value of beta-hcg during pregnancy doubles every 2-3 days. After the first 2 months, this will reduce and double every 4-5 days and eventually taper off.
  • The normal ranges in the first 3 months are as follows 3-4 weeks : 16 to 156, 4-5 weeks : 100 to 4,890, 5-6 weeks : 1,110 to 31,500, 6-7 weeks : 2,560 to 82,300, 7-8 weeks : 23,100 to 1,51,000, 8-9 weeks : 27,300 to 2,33,000, 9 - 13 weeks : 20,900 to 2,91,000, 13 to 18 weeks : 6,140 to 1,03,000
  • Weeks mentioned are weeks from the last menstrual period. To know the time accurately, it is counted from the first day of bleeding of the last menstrual period.
  • What is the normal range of Beta-hcg when not pregnant?

  • The normal range is less than 5
  • Is beta-hcg blood test for pregnancy better than the urine home test for pregnancy?

  • The urine pregnancy test is qualitative or a yes/no style of test. In some cases it may be falsely negative, especially in early pregnancy. As such the blood test is far more reliable and accurate, down to 25 IU/L concetrations.
  • What is the earliest possible time at which this test can tell me if I am pregnant or not?

  • The beta-hcg blood test for pregnancy starts to show an elevation around 4 weeks after conception.
  • A single value of beta-hcg cannot tell you if you are pregnant.
  • Doctors usually use serial monitoring or serial levels of beta-hcg to check for what is known as "doubling". This refers to the fact that the value of beta-hcg doubles every 2-3 days in the first two months. A steady doubling is more confirmatory of pregnancy.
  • Will there be a difference in the value of Beta-HCG in case of twins or triplets?

  • Yes, in the first 3 months, twins and triplets are associated with much higher values of Beta-HCG as compared to singleton pregnancies.

What is Beta HCG Test

The Beta HCG test is a blood test used to detect the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) in the blood. This hormone is produced during pregnancy and can be detected as early as 11 days after conception. The test is performed by drawing a blood sample from a vein in the arm, and the results are typically available within a few days. It is commonly used to confirm pregnancy or to monitor the progression of a pregnancy.

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Do I need this test?

Let's find out whether you need the Beta HCG Test test. Answer the following 5 questions and get a free instant result!

Have you ever been pregnant before
Have you ever been pregnant before

Are you currently pregnant
Are you currently pregnant

Do you have any abdominal pain or unusual swelling
Do you have any abdominal pain or unusual swelling

Are you experiencing any changes in your menstrual cycle
Are you experiencing any changes in your menstrual cycle

Have you recently had any unprotected sexual intercourse
Have you recently had any unprotected sexual intercourse

Result :

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Which symptoms are related to Beta HCG Test?

If you have Lower Abdominal Pain,Fatigue,Nausea And Vomiting,Breast Tenderness,Increased Urination, you may need to get tested.

Here is the complete list of symptoms

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Who should do this test?

Women who are pregnant,Men with testicular cancer,Individuals with certain medical conditions or tumors should do this test

  • Women who are pregnant: Beta HCG test is commonly used to confirm pregnancy. The test is used to detect the presence of the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) in a womans blood or urine. HCG is produced by the placenta during pregnancy, and its presence indicates that a woman is pregnant.
  • Men with testicular cancer: Beta HCG test can also be used to monitor the treatment of testicular cancer. Testicular cancer cells produce high levels of beta HCG, so the test can be used to monitor the effectiveness of treatment and to detect any recurrence of the cancer.
  • Individuals with certain medical conditions or tumors: Beta HCG test can also be used to detect and monitor certain medical conditions, such as molar pregnancies, ectopic pregnancies, and gestational trophoblastic disease. It can also be used to monitor tumors that produce beta HCG, such as germ cell tumors, ovarian tumors, and lung tumors.

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What to do if the test is abnormal?

  • Consult a physician: In case of an abnormal Beta HCG test, it is essential to consult a physician as soon as possible. A physician can evaluate the results and recommend further tests or treatments if necessary.
  • Repeat the test: Sometimes, the abnormal result can be due to an error or a false-positive result. A repeat test can be helpful in confirming the initial result and determining the appropriate course of action.
  • Follow-up: Depending on the underlying cause of the abnormal Beta HCG test result, follow-up may be necessary. It is important to follow the physicians advice and recommendations and monitor any changes in symptoms or overall health.

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In which diseases is Beta HCG Test abnormal?

Molar Pregnancy
Germ Cell Tumor
Hydatidiform Mole
Ovarian Cancer
Endometrial Cancer
Uterine Sarcoma
Abnormal Pregnancy

What is the normal range of - Beta HCG Test

The normal range for adult males is 0.0-2.5,the normal range for adult females is 0.0-5.0

Beta HCG Test Normal Ranges in Males | Beta HCG Test Normal Ranges in Men
Age Range
>= 0 years 0.0-2.5

Beta HCG Test Normal Ranges in Females | Beta HCG Test Normal Ranges in Women
Age Range
>= 0 years 0.0-5.0

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In which other conditions can Beta-HCG be raised?

Beta-HCG is not confirmatory for pregnancy. It can be elevated in many other conditions like : ectopic pregnancy(pregnancy in an abnormal site), Gestational Trophoblastic Disease(an abnormal growth during pregnancy), Gestational Choriocarcinoma (a type of cancer that develops from the early fetus), and some tumors. The table below describes the values of HCG in these conditions. Please consult with your doctor before interpreting your HCG value.
Conditions other than Pregnancy where Beta-HCG is Elevated
Disease Value and Management
Ectopic Pregnancy Beta HCG > 1500 IU/L & Transvaginal USG shows no sac,
OR Beta-HCG > 6500 IU/L and abdominal USG shows no sac.
Gestational Trophoblastic Disease Beta HCG > 100,000 IU/L and USG shows abnormal appearance like snow-storm.
Germ Cell Tumors May be seen in men or women who are not pregnant.

Can Beta-HCG level be false positive for pregnancy?

A raised Beta-HCG value does not necessarily imply pregnancy. As such "false positive" values are possible. A falsely elevated value may be seen in cases of an ectopic pregnancy, a non-viable pregnancy, or some kinds of cancers.

Is a false negative Beta-HCG test possible?

A false-negative test for beta-hcg in pregnancy would be one where a viable pregnancy is present, but the beta-hcg level does not correspond to the same. False negative results may be seen in urine-pregnancy strip tests. It is not usually seen with blood tests, as blood tests are far more accurate and quantitative measures, with a much lower limit of detection.

Which other test can be done to help the diagnosis of pregnancy

Ultrasound or USG is the gold standard for pregnancy diagnosis, and serum progesterone levels are also supportive evidence for a pregnancy.
Test Description
Abdominal Ultrasound An abdominal ultrasound uses high-frequency sound waves to create images of the uterus and the developing fetus. It can help visualize the gestational sac, confirm the pregnancy, and assess the health of the pregnancy.
Progesterone Progesterone is a hormone that plays a key role in supporting a healthy pregnancy. A blood test for progesterone levels can help assess the viability of the pregnancy and the functioning of the corpus luteum, which produces progesterone in early pregnancy.

Treatment options

Currently no treatment options details are avaialble for this report,check back later or consult your doctor

Technical information

Parameter Details
LOINC Codes 30934-4
Sample Type Required serum
Principle of Measurement CMIA
Units of Measurement mIU/ml
Beta HCG Test Cost in Pune

What is the Cost of Beta HCG Test?

The test costs Rs.900.0

Details about cost price of Beta HCG Test

  • Free home visit for sample collection for Beta HCG Test in all parts of Pune City is included in the cost price.
  • Kindly note that we do not charge any visit charges as most other labs. This is because the cost of Beta HCG Test in Pune is already high and we do not wish to levy additional charges on patients.
  • The cost price of Beta HCG Test is updated only in case of sudden changes in government rules. You are requested to check the latest cost price of Beta HCG Test as charged by Pathofast on this page.
  • All online forms of payment are available at our lab, including Gpay, Payumoney, credit and debit card as well as cheque payment.

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How to book Beta HCG Test in Pune?

Book a free home visit in Pune online, call our lab at 020 49304930 or get in touch using Watsapp.

Pathofast offers Beta HCG Test at our center in Manisha Terrace, Moledina Road, Pune, Camp, India
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Near which locations or areas of Pune is Beta HCG Test available?

Pathofast offers lab test service for Beta HCG Test near : Camp, Koregaon Park, Kalyani Nagar, Viman Nagar, Aundh, Baner, FC Road, Tilak Road, Ravet, Aundh, Pimpri Chinchwad, Nagar Road, Dhole Patil Road.

What are the Advantages of choosing a lab near you for blood test services?
  • Choosing a nearby lab reduces the time it takes for the sample to be transported
  • This leads to reduced sample deterioration.
  • While most patients are unaware, blood samples must be transported under strictly controlled temperature, and choosing a lab near you makes this easier to achieve.
  • Even if the lab does not adhere to temperature control, the time spent between sample collection and analysis reduces and this is more likely to produce more accurate results

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