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ELISA testing facility for Clinical Research Organizations in Pune

ELISA testing facility for Clinical Research Organizations in Pune

Pathofast Lab Pune offer ELISA facilities for Clinical Research Organizations at very affordable rates. We provide trained staff, micropipettes and state of the art laminar flow setup for performing controlled clinical research with ELISA technology. Our laboratory has all the required materials, consumables and calibrated ELISA equipment to support a clinical research setup. Contact our lab today to get started with your research project.

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Elisa facilities in pune

The lab has an independent ELISA reader and washer. The ELISA plate reader supports upto 96 well plates, with well calibrated instrumetation. Our equipment is regularly serviced and cleaned by trained staff.

Rapid turn around time and dedicated and trained elisa staff

Our lab has fully trained in house technicians that are well trained in performing ELISA tests. We routinely perform complex tests like TB-Quantiferon Gold and our staff is well versed with the do's and don'ts of ELISA. Your project director can coordinate with our staff to get the best possible outcome for your research.

Laminar flow system for clinical research

Our ELISA system is housed in state of the art laminar flow cabinets to ensure optimum sterility and environment for quality research outcomes.

24/7 power backup with

The lab is powered by 24/7 in house in-line UPS as well as full generator backup. Your assay will be performed at the requisite temperatures irrespective of power failures

Refrigeration facilities

The lab offers 2 fully serviced 2-8 degree refrigerators for reagent and sample storage as well as a -20 degrees deep freeze that can handle aliquoted and freeze-thaw products.


The lab offers 2 fully controlled incubators that are working in tandem with our clinical samples.

Pipettes, aliquots and other consumables

The lab offers the full use of our micropipettes and other equipment for participating Research Organizations

Frequently asked questions

Here are the most common questions that we get from CRO's and their respective answers

Can the cro bring its own staff to conduct the elisa procedure?

Normally, we do not allow external staff to enter the lab premises. Our staff is well trained and can be additionally trained to your requirements.

What are the charges for elisa facilities?

We offer packages for ELISA work. Each package has a time frame of 1 week. You can extend the duration as per your requirement. Charges are Rs.9,999/- per week. During this time frame our staff will perform, maintain and manage your ELISA workload.

Do the charges include the elisa kit costs?

No, all required test specific consumables including, kits, controls, etc, have to be provided by your side. We will provide aliquots, pipettes, ELISA Readers, Washers and trained operators, together with incubators, and refrigeration as well as power backup.

What about sample transport?

Sample transport is to be arranged by the CRO.

ELISA testing facility for Clinical Research Organizations in Pune

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