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Pathologist in Pune | Pathology Lab in Pune

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Pathofast lab - preferred pathology lab in pune

Pathofast Lab has firmly established itself as the premier choice for histopathology, cytology, fine needle aspiration cytology, and home blood tests in Pune. With a reputation built on excellence and precision, Pathofast Lab offers a comprehensive range of diagnostic services that are unparalleled in their accuracy and reliability. Their team of highly skilled pathologists and technicians employ state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge techniques to ensure the highest standards of diagnosis and analysis. What sets Pathofast Lab apart is not only their commitment to delivering swift and accurate results, but also their convenient home blood testing services that prioritize patient comfort and convenience. Through a blend of advanced technology, experienced professionals, and a patient-centric approach, Pathofast Lab has earned its place as the preferred laboratory for a diverse range of diagnostic needs in Pune.

Our doctors - qualifications and experience

Our team of skilled histopathologists and cytologists are qualified post graduate doctors with specializations in Pathology and years of experience in oncopathology, routine histopathology and cytology. Dr.Bhargav Raut has over 8 years of experience and counting in reporting complex histopathology cases for various disciplines.

Clinical pathology services in pune

Pathofast provides the complete array of clinical pathology services in Pune. Our clinical pathology services are listed below.

Body fluid analysis pune

Our services include Routine Urine test, stool test, semen test, Pap smears, culture and sensitivity testing and other aspects of clinical pathology.

Immunohematology services in pune

We provide an entire array of hematology tests like Coombs test, direct and indirect, blood grouping, routine hematology amongst others.

Biopsy examination in pune

Biopsy testing and examination is the procedure in which the pathologist analyzes a piece of tissue excised from the body either by a surgeon or during an out patient procedure. Pathofast offers biospy examination in Pune for all routine biopsies, be it gastric biopsies, intestinal biopsies or biopsies from other sites. Our turn around time and reporting speed is unmatched in biopsy histopathology reporting.

Cancer screening in pune

Cancer and Oncopathology constitute a principle component of Pathofast's pathologist services. We do histopathology analysis on small and large specimens, routinely screening for breast cancer, ovarian cancers, colon cancers, as well as multiple other locations.

Medical research in pune

As a provider of Pathology services we make it a point to engage in medical research activities. Pathofast provides our facilites to the Life Sciences Research Trust for several research activities including those related to stem cell research.

Tissue samples in pune

Histopathology is the study of body tissues after adequate preprocessing and staining. Pathofast provides the analysis of tissue samples to various clinicians and surgeons in Pune.

Cytopathology services in pune | cellular pathology services in pune

Cytopathology services are offered by Pathofast Lab in Pune for a select set of cytopathological analytes. These are listed below.

Cervical pap smear

PAP Smear is a critical examination of the cellular floar of the cervix. It is recommended as the earlist means of diagnosing cervical cancers in women of the reproductive age group. Pathofast lab is proficient in the PAP Smear and reporting as per the Bethesda Criteria for Pap Smear Reporting.

Fnac - fine needle aspiration cytology

Pathofast Lab provides FNAC services in Pune city for aspirates from thyroid, breast and other cyts and nodules.

Histopathology services in pune | surgical pathology services in pune

Histopatholgy and surgical pathology services are offered in Pune City by pathofast lab. You can send samples in formalin or glutaryldehyde. Our turn around time is 2 days. Biopsies, medium sized specimens and large histopathology specimens are all reported. Note that turn around time for orthopaedic or bony specimens is longer and will be notified to you after the sample is recieved.

Gross assessment

In the first step, the specimen is assessed for its gross dimensions, weight and external appearance. Number of containers and their labels are noted.

Histopathology preprocessing

THe specimens are sectioned as per guidelines and blocks are prepared for further processing.


In the last step the slides prepared are analyzed microscopically and synoptic reporting is done.

Pathologist in Pune | Pathology Lab in Pune

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  • Histopathology - Biopsies Test

    Histopathology is a test that examines tissue samples to detect any abnormalities or diseases, helping doctors diagnose and treat patients. Histopathology is a medical specialty that involves examining tissues and cells under a microscope to diagnose diseases.

  • Histopathology Small Specimen Test

    Histopathology small specimen is a medical test that examines small tissue samples to diagnose diseases, such as cancer, under a microscope. The specimen size for this test is usually under 100 grams and larger than a biopsy.

  • Histopathology Large Specimen Test

    Histopathology large specimen is a medical test where doctors examine tissue samples from organs or tumors to diagnose diseases. This includes all specimens above 100 grams without limitation on size. It is usually recommeded for modified radical mastectomy, intestinal or gynecological resections

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