Causes of Jaundice in Children

Top causes include jaundice at birth(physiological jaundice), jaundice due to inborn abnormalities, infectious causes include Hepatitis A or B.

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Jaundice of Newborn

Jaundice of newborn is often a normal condition. This condition goes away with time, or blue light therapy. Its causes include Gilbert Syndrome (where bilirubin transport into the liver is hampered) , Criggler Najjar Syndrome : where the liver is unable to convert bilirubin into non-toxic products, Dubin Johnson and Rotor Syndromes. The latter two are characterized by conjugated hyperbilirubinemia.


Often infections like Hepatitis A or B can cause jaundice. These infections must be diagnosed by appropriate blood tests.

Hepatitis in neonates

Hepatitis of neonates is a disease of unknown cause. It can cause jaundice.

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